Distributed Control System

Your plant’s distributed control system (DCS) is the brain behind your operations. But over time, it ages and becomes less effective just like many other parts of your plant. A DCS upgrade brings your system up to date, resulting in improved availability, reliability, security and plant economics.

Six signs your DCS might need an upgrade

  1. Fewer of your operators and engineers understand your existing DCS
  2. Vendor support for your hardware and software ended long ago
  3. Control problems are causing unplanned outages and increased downtime
  4. Spare parts are becoming obsolete and can no longer be sourced
  5. Maintenance spends more time repairing components than improving processes
  6. You have only limited remote access capabilities

Benefits across your plant and business

Operator benefits

  • Less unplanned downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Greater visibility and control
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • Better data export and reporting
  • Protection from cybersecurity threats

Business benefits

  • Improved plant availability
  • Lower operating costs
  • Better asset utilization over time
  • Greater data transparency
  • Faster response to changes
  • Regulatory compliance



Distributed Control System Brochure

What’s in an upgrade?

  • An onsite evaluation and formal needs assessment
  • Replacing old control desk with modern HMI
  • Replacing IT hardware, IO modules, control panels/ boxes, sensors, interfaces
  • Upgrading control network to more reliable technology (e.g. fiber based)
  • Integrating different control technologies into a single, reliable system
  • Upgrading server and workstation software to latest version
  • Adding redundancy, auto-backup, long-term history, high-resolution archiving, remote access
  • Implementing GPS-based time synchronization
  • Improving ability to monitor alarms, events and other plant data
  • Making it faster and easier to export data and produce reports
  • Ensuring compliance with standards and regulatory requirements
  • Operator training on the updated DCS platform
  • Program modifications based on the operator’s build experience

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