Reconditioning of 2-stroke engine components

Extend the lifetime of the components, minimize maintenance costs, and save procurement expenses without compromising plant reliability by choosing to recondition your engine components instead of buying new ones. 

BWSC reconditioning services undertake:

  • Pre-inspection and condition assessment 
  • Reconditioning according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) procedures
  • Reporting

We are experts in reconditioning the following components:

  • Cylinder Covers
    • Heat treatment during any welding repairs
    • Machining of cracked and damaged areas
    • Welding and re-boring fuel valve holes up to standard size
    • Welding and machining of contact surfaces
  • Exhaust Valve Spindles
    • High Velocity Oxygen (HVOF) coating on the valve system
    • Inconel welding application and machining on the seating surface to restore the original geometry
    • Rolling process on seating surface
    • Inconel welding application and machining on combustion surface
    • Final machining and inspection
  • Piston Crowns
    • Welding and machining of Piston Ring grooves, O-Ring contact surface, Topland surface, and Piston rod contact surface
    • Chrome plating of ring grooves 
  • Piston Rods 
    • Pre-inspection including inspection report
    • Grinding of piston rod running surface

Advantages for the plant owner

  • 60% cost savings while maintaining the same durability for a full overhaul cycle (TBO) and without compromising the plant reliability 
  • Fast turn-around time from 2 weeks for reconditioning, while the delivery time for new components can take months
  • Lifetime extension of the components which can be reconditioned several times before reaching the end of their useful service time. The increased lifetime also benefits the environment and minimizes maintenance costs 


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