Giving engine-based power plants a new life

Facilitating plant upgrades

We have the experience and expertise to deliver complete packages to upgrade, repair, or rehabilitate power plants.

First, we conduct technical plant surveys, assessments, budgets and feasibility studies to evaluate the viability of prospective upgrade projects. 

If we find an upgrade project to be feasible, we can help identify project financing sources.

We deliver a broad range of upgrades, lifetime extension and rehabilitation measures in partial or full turnkey basis:


  • waste heat recovery systems (WHRS) for power, heating, cooling and desalination
  • emission abatement solutions
  • conversion of engines and auxiliary equipment to operate on alternative fuel oils or gas
  • oily water and sludge handling systems
  • boiler wash water effluent systems

Upgrade, lifetime extension or replacement of obsolete equipment

  • plant control systems - DCS/SCADA
  • governors
  • outdated electrical equipment
  • oil separators
  • cooling systems
  • variable speed converters and other means to reduce plant auxiliary consumption

Total rehabilitation, repair of equipment, test and re-commissioning in case of:

  • breakdown
  • fire, flooding
  • matured, run-down plants
  • emergency services

Advantages for the plant owner

  • WHRS benefits:
    • improved plant revenue
    • reduced emissions, providing the plant a green profile
  • compliance with environmental legislation and general environmental awareness
  • upgrade and/or replacement of outdated equipment ensures availability of parts and service in the future
  • higher reliability due to contemporary technology and overall extension of the plant lifetime
  • return to operation