Bio to bio

Boost your fuel flexibility

Weather conditions, price fluctuations and changing government regulations can all add a disruptive element at biomass-fired power plants. 

To provide plant operators with fuel flexibility, our boiler specialists make it possible for biomass-fired plants to handle new fuel types or adjust their mix of current fuels. 

Biomass isn’t just biomass, however. The complex chemical composition of certain biomass types can damage a boiler’s inner workings if steps aren’t taken to prevent corrosion. 

Our adapted designs, cleaning technology and select materials take these stress factors into account. A upgraded plant that burns wood pellets, for example, can draw on other sources from the lumber industry. This is especially valuable if the supply of wood pellets changes.   

We’ve implemented these upgrades for decades, so plant operators can expect a level of excellence where durability and reliable operation is a given. 

We have great experience in boiler conversions of all types, including conversion from one fuel to another, life-extending retrofits such as the replacement of drum and heating surfaces, or an exchange of old firing systems with modern, efficient low-NOx firing systems.

Boiler conversion

  • life extension
  • efficiency improvement
  • capacity increase
  • fuel conversions
  • low-NOx firing systems

We would be pleased to take the overall responsibility for conversion assignments - even for boiler plants which were not originally supplied by us.

Let us take the conversion of your boiler plant in hand - we have the necessary expertise so you can rest assured that the change will be a profitable investment.