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Green Energy Solutions

Our Green Energy Solutions team works with plant owners in Europe and beyond to tackle new challenges around energy storage, carbon capture, power-to-X and related green energy technologies.

We help you advance your green energy projects

  • From conceptual study to engineering, installation and full operation
  • System integration and close collaboration with key technology developers
  • Renewables integration
  • Carbon capture
  • Power-to-X
  • Energy storage

Exciting new technologies

In the field of renewables, exciting technologies such as electrolysis and thermal energy storage are placing new demands on the design, operation and maintenance of the facilities where they are installed.

BWSC has worked with renewable energy solutions such as biomass- and waste-to-energy for years. Our vast experience with power plant infrastructure puts us in a unique position to assist green energy players – whether power-to-X plants, carbon capture facilities or energy storage providers – with the consulting, engineering, installation and O&M services we’ve been perfecting for decades.

Our broad experience, technology independence and “always your advocate” mindset make us an attractive partner for our customers – many of whom keep coming back to us year after year.

Backed by a wealth of engineering talent and more than 40 years of energy facility experience, these services help you clarify and achieve your goals, design and engineer your facility optimally, operate and maintain your facility cost-effectively, and meet project timeline targets and budgets.

Choosing the right partner

  • +40 years of experience with energy infrastructure
  • Track record of delivering high quality power plant services and life-time extension projects.
  • Technology agnostic – we are unbiased towards the use of different technologies
  • Leading technology integrator on full scale projects
  • Being committed to continuous energy transition towards green is in our DNA

BWSC has a strong track record of delivering high quality power plant services and life-time extension projects. Our key strengths focus on integrating different power generation sources and systems to become a highly efficient, high-performing power plant. We help with grid stabilization through storage, as well as installation, servicing and maintaining carbon capture and power-to-X facilities.

We cover all types of projects, from feasibility studies to project contracting and long- term O&M partnerships

Lars Guillaume Gammelgaard, Director, Green Energy Solutions

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