Reduce fuel consumption. Increase availability. Improve the environment.

More than ever, utilities must put an extra effort into getting more value out of their current assets. While national energy institutions are developing strategies for energy transition towards renewables, power plant owners and operators are looking for ways to extend plant lifetime to bridge the gap. Consumers, becoming more aware of the environmental impact of power generation, expect their electricity provider not to compromise environmental factors, while still delivering affordable and reliable power.

As a plant owner and operations manager, you will gain valuable insight into potential improvement areas at your plant, by engaging BWSC for a deep dive into overall plant performance or specific areas of your plant operations.

Our surveys will help you improve plant efficiency and availability, reduce fuel consumption, extend equipment lifetime, and improve bottom line by gaining more value from your current assets.

We have specialists covering all aspects of a power plant including mechanical, electrical, process, instrumentation, and control. For each survey, a detailed report will be submitted to our clients including findings, cost benefit analysis, recommendation, and proposal for prioritized next steps with cost and timeline estimates.

Plants surveys and assessments

General plant performance assessment
Potential optimizations, lifetime assessment, operation and maintenance procedures


Plant efficiency survey
Fuel economy, avaliability, reliability, output, own consumption


Electrical/automation survey
Safety, lifetime assessment, obsolence


Enviromental assessment
Emissions, effluents, renewable readiness audit


Asset/equipment inspection
Equipment performance, troubleshooting, lifetime assessment


Damage assessmentEmergency response, root cause analysis, repair cost estimates, insurance claims report

Advantages for the plant owner:

Here's what a plant assessment or inspection can help you achieve:

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced emissions and effluents
  • Improved availability and reliability
  • Satisfied power consumers
  • Better financial results


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