Damage Assessment and Repair Services

When disaster strikes, BWSC provides immediate support to engine and boiler-based power plants to get the facility back to operation as fast as possible.

BWSC's emergency response - a complete package: :

  • Damage mitigation and environmental protection on-site
  • Evaluation processes including surveys and technical reports, root causes analyses, repair cost analyses and estimations
  • Advisory support to insurance claims
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Repair, and rehabilitation
  • Implementation of safety upgrades
  • Performance tests and commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance training with one-year warranty
  • Fast mobilization of BWSC skilled and experienced team worldwide to provide customized solutions
  • Access to a global network of OEM suppliers with high QHSE standards  

Advantages for the plant owner:

  • Immediate protection of the assets
  • Improved personal safety – both on-site and in surrounding communities
  • Savings in time, costs, and resources
  • Resumption of revenue generation once the power plant is back in operation
  • Knowledge sharing and risk reduction


Damage assessment and repair brochure


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