Spare parts

Put our supply chain to work

Close cooperation with original equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Decades of experience with power plants enables us to make long-term estimates for spare parts consumption.

Due to the volume of parts and equipment handled by BWSC from our wide range of reputable OEMs, we are able to deliver spare parts at competitive prices.

A spare parts supply agreement with or without technical support can be tailored to suit power plant owners’ needs.

Advantages of sparepart agreement:

  • timely delivery of spare parts and reduced administration costs
  • assistance for planning long-term spare parts inventory and purchasing plans regarding consumable  and safety parts as well as strategic/circulating parts
  • coordinated handling of complete spare parts packages at competitive prices based on BWSC’s “one-stop-shopping” concept 
  • delivery to any address in the world
  • procedures for reconditioning parts and components at OEM’s or authorised workshops

Operation and maintenance

Winner of the Danish Supply Chain Award