Power plant courses

As contractor, operation, maintenance and service provider of power plants, BWSC offers training in all technical disciplines pertaining to power plant operation and maintenance.

The courses are composed of a number of general pre-developed course modules with fundamentals, combined with modules made specifically to the plant in question with regards to equipment brand and type. This creates coherent plant specific courses and makes them different from the standard courses widely offered in the market. You can find a describtion of our pre-developed course modules in the right side menu. 

Should you have specific requirements, please contact us in order to arrange courses specifically designed for your requirements and organization.

Further, it is possible to design specific “brush-up” courses, e.g. by combining various topics from different standard courses if so wished.

The courses are usually held at the client’s facility for easy access to the plant for demonstrations. However, some of the more theoretically based courses can be held at BWSC headquarters in Denmark. Further, “Hands-on” and “On-the-Job” training courses can be held at a power plant operated by BWSC.

Operation and maintenance

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