Introduction to the engine-based power plant


A general introduction to the design and basic operational principles of the diesel power plant.

Course objectives 

The participants will be able to understand and explain the:

  • Working principle of the diesel engine and its components
  • Design and function of the auxiliary systems
  • Design and function of the main alternator and the electrical systems
  • Function of the control system


  • The diesel engine:
    • Energy conversion, efficiencies and diesel engine types and features
    • Design and function of the major engine components
  • The auxiliary systems:
    • Review of the systems by means of the P&I diagrams with lists plus interpretation of the symbols and TAG numbers used
    • Identification of components and instruments in the systems
  • The electrical systems:
    • Function of the generator and transformers
    • Review of the electrical systems by means of the overall single-line diagrams and identification of components
  • The control system:
    • Introduction to operator work stations and interaction with the process


Target group 
All staff working with the plant in question.


Tuition methods 
Lectures and demonstrations at the plant.


Course duration 
5 days.