Electrical courses

Generator maintenance


The course is developed to increase the knowledge of personnel operating and maintaining power generation units.

Course objectives 

Enable the participants to understand and explain the theory and functionality of the generator excitation system with synchronization, voltage and load control. In addition, the safety aspects of working with electrical systems will be explained.


  • Generator construction and functionality. Stator, rotor, governor and exciter.
  • Review of fundamental electricity and magnetism.
  • Control fundamentals:
    • P, PI, & PID controllers.
  • Generator excitation system:
    • Construction and functionality
    • Main components
    • Schematic
    • Automatic voltage regulation
    • Interfaces
    • Functions and control modes
    • Rotating rectifier
    • Fault finding
  • Power generation and voltage control:
    • Control of active and reactive power (MW, MVAr)
    • Generator capability diagram
    • Synchronization equipment
    • Manual and auto synchronization
    • Unit load sharing
  • Safety hazards and precautions related to work on electrical systems:
    • Electrical shock and arc flash
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Equipment safety barriers
    • Planning of work
    • Hazard identification and mitigation
    • Risk assessments
    • Tools and safety equipment

Generator excitation system

Target group
All electrical maintenance staff and operators.


Tuition methods
The course consists of lectures, exercises and site visits.


Course duration
3 days.