Electrical courses

Protection and relay course


A study in electrical protection and the relays and systems used at power plants. Generator and transformer relays are also part of the course.

Course objectives 

Enable the participants to understand and explain the advantages and disadvantages of protection and relaying philosophies, to use the available relays and systems correctly and reduce the outage times of the power plant.


  • Operational methods and types of  protection relays and system i.a:
    • Over current relays
    • Time-over current relays
    • Define-time over current relays
    • Overload relays
    • Differential relays
  • Protection zones
  • Faults/trouble shooting:
    • Auto-reclose relays
    • Bus bar protection
    • Frequency relays
    • Other protective devices
  • The new generation of management relays:
    • Generator management relay
    • Transformer management relay
  • Read-out programming of the relays
  • Safety hazards and precautions


Target group 
All electrical maintenance staff. 


Tuition methods 
Lectures, exercises and discussions.


Course duration 
2 days.