Electrical courses

Measuring techniques and instruments


A study in the general principles of measuring techniques and measuring instruments.

Course objectives 

Enable the participants to understand and explain different measuring techniques and instruments as well as to use these techniques and instruments correctly during normal work.


  • Advantages and disadvantages of different measuring techniques relating to different expected values i.e.:
    • Pressure measurement
    • Level measurement
    • Flow measurement
    • Temperature measurement
    • Voltage measurement
    • Current measurement
  • Different measuring instrument such as:
    • Moving coil instrument
    • Moving iron instrument
    • Digital multimeters
    • Megger
  • Measuring systems
  • Maintenance of instruments and systems
  • Calibration of instruments
  • Safety hazards and precautions


Target group 
All electrical maintenance staff. 


Tuition methods 
Lectures and exercises.


Course duration 
2 days.