Instrumentation and control courses

The distributed control system - advanced


Advanced training in the Distributed Control System (DCS).

Course objectives 

Enable the participants to understand the basic software structure and to enable them to go through troubleshooting procedures and make minor changes in the programming.


  • Detailed presentation of the hardware and software platform with reference to the  specific plant
  • VDU description and icons
  • Programs, libraries and configuration
  • Objects and modules
  • BWSC standard modules
  • Understanding and using system error codes
  • Adding or changing graphics to match new plant upgrades
  • Configure new I/O´s and controllers
  • Scan time adjustment for trend data
  • Minor program changes
  • Troubleshooting on software code


Target group 
Operation Managers, Maintenance Managers, Engineers and Operations staff.


Tuition methods 
Lecture and exercises.


Course duration 
5 days.