Instrumentation and control courses

The distributed control system - advanced


A study in control fundamentals, sensors, transmitters and signal processing.

Course objectives 

Enable the participants to understand and explain the various types of measuring sensors and signal activators used in the control system.


  • Control fundamentals
  • Measuring principle for:
    • Temperature
      • Active or passive sensors
      • Switches
    • Pressure
      • Transmitter
      • Switches
      • Interactive
  • Optical sensors
  • Mechanical and electronic sensors
    • Frequency
    • Level
    • Flow
    • Distance
  • Function principle for positioner and activators
  • Signal converters
  • Signal processing and communication as analog or digital and various types of network.
  • Alarm and control topology


Target group 
All electrical and instrument maintenance staff.


Tuition methods 
Lectures, exercises and discussions.


Course duration 
2 days.