Hands-on and on-the-job courses

Hands-on and on-the-job training courses offered by BWSC are targeted for operation staff and plant managers.

The below courses are our standard hands-on and on-the-job training courses. Should you have specific requirements, please contact us in order to arrange courses specifically designed for your requirements and organization.

Further, it is possible to design specific “brush-up” courses, e.g., by combining various topics from different standard courses if wished so.

The courses are held at our or your facility.

Hands-on maintenance training

Syllabus and duration to be elaborated on request and in cooperation with the customer.

On-the-job training for operators

Training visit to a power plant operated by BWSC.


Course objectives 
A presentation of how an efficient power plant organization works – based on BWSC´s experience as a power plant operator.


Target group 
Plant management and senior operations staff.