Hands-on and on-the-job training

On-the-job training for operators


Training visit to a power plant operated by BWSC.

Course objectives 

A presentation of how an efficient power plant organization works – based on BWSC´s experience as a power plant operator.


  • Presentation of BWSC and the actual power plant
  • The power plant organization
  • Review of operating and safety procedures
    • Plant rounding
    • Control room routines
    • Dispatch procedures
    • Start-up, shut-down, cold/warm standby
    • WHR boiler operation
    • Sampling and analysis of FO,LO and water
    • Bunker procedures
    • General safety measures
    • Fire drill
    • Handling of sludge, solid waste, boiler effluent etc.
    • Shift rooster and, handing over of a shift
  • Technical review of the power plant:
    • Interface between the maintenance and operation sections
    • Operation, work orders etc.
    • Log and reporting systems
    • Plant performance Management
    • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
    • Participation in operation shift and maintenance tasks respectively (optional)
  • Plant tours
  • General exchange of experience


Target group 
Plant management and senior operations staff.


Tuition methods 
The course consists of presentations, plant tour and discussions


Course duration 
To be agreed upon.