Operation courses

Operation courses offered by BWSC are all targeted for operation staff.

The below courses are our standard operation training courses. Should you have specific requirements, please contact us in order to arrange courses specifically designed for your requirements and organization.

Further, it is possible to design specific “brush-up” courses, e.g., by combining various topics from different standard courses if wished so.

The courses are held at your facility, as the courses require access to the plant for demonstrations.

Operation procedures

Familiarization with operational procedures and routines at the diesel power plant.


Course objectives 
Enable the participants to understand the requirement for operation of a diesel power plant in a safe and reliable way by making them confident with the control concepts, monitoring, start-up and stopping of the equipment, carry out the necessary routine tasks as well as reaction on alarms and adverse situations.


Target group 
All operations staff.

Diesel engine performance evaluation

A study in the factors that affect the engine efficiency and reliability. How to take performance readings, evaluate these, make diagnoses and optimize the plant performance.


Course objectives 
Enable the participants to evaluate the performance of a diesel generator unit and to take the necessary action in order to keep the heat rate and reliability at an optimum level.


Target group 
Operators and senior maintenance staff.