Operation courses

Operation procedures


Familiarization with operational procedures and routines at the diesel power plant.

Course objectives 

Enable the participants to understand the requirement for operation of a diesel power plant in a safe and reliable way by making them confident with the control concepts, monitoring, start-up and stopping of the equipment, carry out the necessary routine tasks as well as reaction on alarms and adverse situations.


  • Review of the control concepts and descriptions for the engines and auxiliary  systems
  • Start sequence of the auxiliary equipment, start-up and synchronization of the diesel  generator unit under normal conditions and from black out
  • Normal stop of the diesel generator unit
  • Start, operation and stop of auxiliary equipment
  • Identification of causes and reaction on alarms and adverse operation situations
  • Handling and treatment of fuel oils and lubricants
  • Water sampling, analyses and treatment
  • Recognition and counteracting health, safety, and environmental hazards
  • Monitoring of the plant on location


Target group 

All operations staff.


Tuition methods 
Lectures and demonstrations at the plant.


Course duration 
5 days.