Operation courses

Operation procedures


A study in the factors that affect the engine efficiency and reliability. How to take performance readings, evaluate these, make diagnoses and optimize the plant performance.

Course objectives 

Enable the participants to evaluate the performance of a diesel generator unit and to take the necessary action in order to keep the heat rate and reliability at an optimum level.


  • Fundamental energy conversion, combustion theory, diesel engine and alternator efficiency
  • Purpose and procedures for performance readings and evaluation
  • Measuring instruments in general and electronic combustion analyzers in particular
  • The influence from variations in ambient conditions and fuel properties and how to make corrections of the figures to standard conditions (ISO) for comparison and trending
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Make diagnosis at malfunction of the engine and infer the need for corrective action based on the measurements and observations which among other things includes:
    • Consequences of defective fuel injection equipment
    • Consequences of defective or incorrect timed intake/exhaust valves and fuel pumps
    • Consequences of fouled or defective turbocharger and air/gas passages
    • Explain and perform evaluation of the turbocharger
  • Measurements and calculations for determination of specific fuel oil, and lube oil  consumption
  • Performance of the WHRS and auxiliary systems


Target group 
Operators and senior maintenance staff.


Tuition methods 
Lectures, exercises and demonstrations at the plant.


Course duration 
3 days.